G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

As a gamer ourselves, we couldn’t help but to notice there aren’t many wireless gaming mice on the market. Do you know why? This is because wireless mice have a tendency to lag and the last thing you want to do when you’re about to conquer a boss is lag …the slightest bit of lag can ruin the entire session of pvp, regardless of the game you’re playing. So for this reason, most gamers turn to wired mice, because they just don’t want to deal any lag. However, not too long ago, we came across something that changed our mind and yes, as a gamer, we were a bit hesitant on even touching a wireless mouse, but now, we’re glad we did. It’s the G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse and there’s a reason we are recommending it as a Christmas present for that tech lover/gamer in your life ….

Logitech is a good company, they have a pretty good reputation for making tech stuff and that’s one of the reasons we chose the G602 mouse.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • DPI Levels: 250 to 2500
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Max Speed: 80 inches/sec
  • Max Acceleration: 20G
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Polling Rate: 500Hz
  • Grip: Palm grip
  • Response Rate: 2ms
  • Adjustable DPI
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Delta Zero Sensor Technology
  • Wireless Range: 3 meters
  • Dual Wireless Mode

The Design

Starting out, were going to tell you about the design, because that’s what everyone wants to know about, right? It has a decent ergonomic style and a pretty big thumb ledge. In fact, this might just be the biggest thumb key you’ve ever came across on a mouse, but that’s okay.

Let’s elaborate a bit more on the thumb button for a second – this button is 20mm wide and it sticks out from the mouse. Some may think it looks strange, but it just so happens to be a feature we personally like.

As for the feel of the mouse, it’s comfortable. In fact, you can spend hours holding this mouse in your palm and not develop hard feelings about it.


Of course, the battery is important, because it is, after all, a wireless mouse. 2 AA batteries are responsible for powering this mouse and from those, you should get around 250 hours of gameplay on one charge.

Many individuals like the performance mode switching feature – with this feature, you cans witch Performance to Endurance mode, which will give you even more battery life. To be exact, when you have the mouse switched to Endurance mode, you’ll get 1440 hours of battery life. However, by doing this, you are going to be reducing the sensitivity and precision, so only use this when you’re browsing the web and not while you’re playing game.

What Others are Saying about the G602

At the time of writing this review, looking at Amazon, there was a total of 2,703 reviewers. This product received a total of 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. With a rating this good, it’s obvious that it’s a good product. Looking through the reviews, we find many satisfied customers that just love the mouse. There is one reviewer we could find that complained about the mouse being a bit on the heavy side, and they may be right, but the mouse isn’t to blame. You see, the two AA batteries that are responsible for powering the mouse is where most of the weight comes from …this is just something you have to deal with when you use a wireless mouse.


All in all, the G602 Lag-Free mouse by Logitech is a pretty good mouse and is definitely something we would recommend as a gift for PC gamers.

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