Enkeeo Monocular Telescope Review

Finding stocking stuffer or inexpensive gifts that are high quality and useful is a difficult task. That’s why we were so pleased when we found this budget friendly monocular telescope on Amazon. Before we go any further lets understand that this is a stocking stuffer gift idea its not a top of the range model, there are other brands available with more features and better specs but you will need to pay more.

Who would this make a good gift for?

To reiterate this is for the casual user, its likely that the serious bird watcher or hunter will already have a dedicated and high quality pair of binoculars or monocular telescope already. This is going to be suitable for a backyard birder for instance who may have a bird table or bath and would like to watch the birds in the garden close up. Those who go to sporting events, air shows or concerts might appreciate it as well, it is easily to carried in a backpack or bag. For those who like the great outdoors and enjoy backpacking, fishing or camping this would be a nice gadget to add to their kit. If you have a friend or relative who likes to nose on their neighbors this is another ideal use for it!

What’s Included?

Monocular Telescope

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Carrying Case


User Manual

Eyepiece and Lens Protection Cover


Features, Pros & Cons

Reading what reviewers commented online, most agreed that it was good value for the price. It was appreciated as a gift, one aunt said that it was a great monocular and that she would be gifting it with books on birding to her nephews and nieces.

This monocular telescope comes with a 52mm lens and the manufacturers claim it has a 16X magnification, some reviewers disagreed with this and though the magnification was less.

One of the advantages a monocular lens has over a pair of binoculars is of course that you only need to use one hand to operate it, so while you are watching that baseball game you can still hold a soda or a hot dog in the other hand. The telescope is designed to be ergonomic and with a non slip grip as well, on the off chance that you do drop it it should be durable enough to survive a fall.

It is also water resistant so should be fine to use if you are outside in inclement weather conditions.

The lens protector and carrying case are nice little extras for such a budget-friendly telescope, users mentioned that the lanyard was a little flimsy but that it wasn’t a deal breaker.

In Conclusion

The Enkeeo Monocular Telescope works just fine and is easy to use. We feel sure for the casual outdoors person, backyard birder or sports/concert enthusiast this would make a really nice gift. If you want to splash out a little more there are many other monocular telescopes available on the market that will cost from a few dollars extra, to hundreds of dollars for high powered night vision versions.

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