Fingerless USB Heated Gloves Review

During those cold winter months, there will be times where you have that chilly feeling, even though you’re inside your home. Some people actually choose to wear mittens inside when they feel cold and there’s nothing wrong with that. Do you have a friend that always seems to be cold? If so, then we have the perfect Christmas gift in store for them! Not too long ago, we came across Coeuspow Winter FIngeress USB Gloves – they’re absolutely adorable and seem to do a great job at heating up those cold hands.

We could just tell you to go out and buy these for your friend or family member right away before their hands freeze off, but we believe in giving you all of the information up front before we recommend a product.

About the Heated Gloves

Did you look at a picture of these gloves? What’s not to like about them? They’re great to use when you’re working on the computer. It’s a good gift for at home workers, telephone hotline workers, document processors, and clerical workers.

Sure, you could always just wear mittens in order to keep your hands warm, but then those mittens are going to make it impossible to type on the keyboard. These gloves turn into fingerless gloves so that you can still type, dial and text, while keeping your hands warm at the same time.

Soft Material

The material is super soft, which increases comfort and flexibility. When it comes to gloves, the softness and comfort is always something we pay attention to. The material is durable, warm, breathable and obviously made of high quality.


For heating, these gloves use advanced carbon fiber heating technology, so they’re safe to use. Surely, you’re curious as to how they heat up, right?

Here’s how these gloves work:

They come with a USB cable that you will need to connect to a computer or power bank in order for them to work. The glove input is 5V-600MA. In order to ensure safety, the company asks for users to make sure they disconnect the USB line from their device before they leave the office – just like how you would turn a heater off when you leave home.

What Others are Saying

When we review an item, we like to look at Amazon to see what type of rating other individuals have given the product. In this particular case, at the time of writing this review, on Amazon, there were a total of 15 reviewers giving this product a total of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars.

Out of curiosity, we scrolled through the reviews in order to see what others thought of the gloves. We come across phrases like “they work just as you’d expect them to,” “they’re perfect if you’re the type that gets cold,” “these gloves are very cute” and “they warm hands nicely and leave fingers free to type.”

Then, we clicked on the “2” star feedback and found: “the right mitten stopped working.” Obviously, they received a faulty set and could easily contact the company to have them replaced.


Do we recommend this product? Yes, we believe these heated gloves would make a great Christmas present for that special someone in your life – they’re cute, and warm the hands …what’s not to like about them?

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