Leather Valet Tray Review

This leather valet tray is sleek and modern. It holds every desk essential to keep you tidy and organized. Everything will be within easy reach and it’s the perfect gift for any occasion.


This black leather valet tray has the look and feel of sophistication at its finest. The smartphone compartment has room for two phones with holes for two charging outputs. The front-catch tray is ideal for coins and keys.

The top left compartment will fit your glasses or sunglasses and has a flip up lid to keep them dust-free.

Key features include:

  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather.
  • Allows for easy smartphone charging!
  • Holds glasses, watches, and other accessories.
  • Measures 10.3” x 2.15” by 8.2”

The bottom of the tray also has the Jack Cube logo embossed into it.


This box has been touted for many different features and the overall look. Here are some of the top-sighted pros from reviews:

  • Reviewers say they’ve fooled many guests into thinking it’s real leather! The look and construction are very high-quality and appealing to the eye.
  • Reviewers say their wallet can fit in the lidded compartment (which also fits glasses) and the phone compartment is big enough to fit an iPhone Six Plus.
  • This tray is perfect for any one with a disorganized desk or the habit of misplacing their items around their home. Once they get in the habit of using this tray, they’ll no longer waste time searching for their important everyday essentials!
  • The black tray is lined with a cream/off-white liner that is nice and soft.


This box has had a few issues reported, here are the top issues being mentioned by reviewers:

  • A few reviewers report that the back of the tray does not have a track for the cord of a phone charge to rest in, meaning if you run a charger through the built-in hole, the box will rest on top of the cord unevenly.
  • Some people have commented on the construction of the tray, saying it has not held up well with regular use.

The Verdict

Overall, some receivers have reported some minor cosmetic issues, like the phone cord not being routed under the box and therefore making it rest unevenly on top of it. However, people overall seem to agree that the look of this valet tray is clean and sophisticated. For the money, it’s a definite bargain and will help keep the receiver organized.

With enough room to fit the largest iPhone models along with glasses/sunglasses, a wallet, keys, and spare change, this would make the ideal gift for any man.

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