Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set for Two


When it comes to buying gifts for couples, this is where things will start to get confusing. Not too long ago, we set out to buy a present for a special couple in our life and we just couldn’t figure out what to get them – it literally took us hours of hunting that special gift down. Mind you, we don’t want our readers to have to go through that same pain and that is why we are here today, recommending a special gift that would be great for couples.

This is the Copper Mugs Moscow Mule Set of 2 …

Interested in finding out more about this set? Continue reading forward in order to figure out whether or not this would make a great gift for the couple in your life …

In the Box

With this set, you will receive the following:

  • 2 Solid Copper Cups with Brass Handles
  • 2 Copper Straws
  • 1 Copper Shot Glass
  • 2 Unique Engraved Wooden Coasters
  • A Moscow Mule Recipe Book

All of this will come packaged in a nice deluxe box.

Beverages Taste Better

With the Copper mugs set, we’re not sure why, but beverages seem to taste and mx better. In this set, the perfect blended cocktail can easily be created. It is a great way to enjoy a cool drink regardless of who you are.


Nesting behind this set, you have a hefty 5 year warranty. Obviously, the company really does believe in their product. The company is well known for their top of the line customer service and amazing seller feedback. If for some reason something goes wrong with the set, the company will replace it immediately, without the buyer having to pay any additional costs.

Taste is Not Altered

Mind you, many people choose to skip past cups like this because they believe their drink will come out having a metallic taste and this is wrong. The copper that is used to make these cups are high quality, so you don’t have to worry about any metallic after taste.


If you’re looking for an Authentic Moscow Mule drinking experience, then look no further. These hammered Copper Cups, straws and shot glass have been designed from real copper and they have the perfect finish to them. There’s a special coating on them that makes them durable and capable of withstanding the test of time. In these cups, individuals can prepare different cocktails of their choice. The copper is made of high quality and it is not going to affect the taste in any way.


In our opinion, we believe Copper Cups make a lovely present for couples and as an added bonus, these cups come in a nice Deluxe Gift Box. With these cups, the couple will get to savor different types of cocktails, but that’s not all …they can also use these cups for hot drinks, which would be great during the winter time. Not only would this be the perfect Christmas gift for a couple, it would also be a great Mother’s Day Gift, New Year’s Gift or a Valentine’s Day gift. Sophisticated, elegant and nice to have around the house – why wouldn’t a couple want these?

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