Pink Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride on Review

Fisher-Price’s Power Wheels series has been a long running hit for years now, but there newest “Wild Thing” addition is letting bigger kids in on the fun too. Going up to 5 mph with parent-controlled speeds and safety settings, this dual-joystick toy can be set loose indoors or out. Kids can go forward, backward, or even turn 360o with the twist of their wrists!

The Features

This Power Wheels toy has many new features that were not available on previous Power Wheels models. The Wild Thing:

  • Allows kids to forward up to 5 mph or backwards up to 2.5 mph and spin in circles!
  • Kids control everything with one joystick in each hand.
  • Parents will have peace of mind thanks to three speed settings, which are selected under the seat.
  • The two durable tires to either side are large and allow kids to go in the backyard or on the side walk.
  • On the back of the Wild Thing, one smaller balance wheel makes for safer fun.
  • The seat is extra wide and has a pressure sensor—that means this toy won’t go wandering off with no one in it.

The Pros

  • This toy features a lap seatbelt to help keep kids safe and in their seat.
  • Reviewers agree this unique design makes for a more fun and more maneuverable toy! The design allows for more movement and quicker turns than the Jeep and Motorcycle designs offered by Power Wheels.
  • The decals come already placed and setting it up (minus charge time) only takes about 15 minutes!
  • This is reported to work well, even on uneven surfaces, across grass, and on pavement.
  • The wheels and frame are reported to be rugged and will last a very long time, way beyond the Christmas season!

The Cons

  • While this toy is recommended for ages 5 to 10, most reviewers seem to agree that there kids grow out of it around 8. It can only carry a driver up to 100lbs.
  • A few reviewers report that pushing the joysticks straightforward does not always result in perfectly straightforward movement.
  • The manual claims a full battery can provide three straight hours of fun, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Most report around 2 hours of use before it needs to be charged again. People report having to charge this toy for 14 hours after each use.
  • If you’re getting this as a gift, it’s suggested that you charge it ahead of time. The battery will need to be put on charge for 24 hours before being used.

The Verdict

With a bit of time devoted to keeping this toy charged, kids will have a blast with its unique and speedy design. It goes faster than similar toys in the range and turns much easier. Parents will be happy that their kids are secured in with the lap belt and unable to go quicker than the speed setting they allow. Overall, it will make the ideal Christmas gift for any child!

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