Podo Labs PO-01-01-BLU Stick & Shoot Camera Review

Don’t you feel that teenager in your life deserves something unique this Christmas? With all of the cool gadgets currently on the market, buying something for a teenager certainly isn’t hard – especially if they love technology. In this case, we have the Podo Labs PO-01-01-BLU Stick & Shoot Camera, which we feel most teenagers, both male and female, would enjoy.

In order to determine whether or not this would make a suitable Christmas present for you teen, we are going to tell you about the Podo Labs camera.


  1. Special pad for sticking the camera – it never needs to be replaced
  2. Hand-s free shot
  3. Capture photos with up to 6 Podos simultaneously
  4. Preview shots live and transfer the pictures instantly via the Podo App
  5. Wide-Angle lens
  6. 8GB of memory included

The Back of the Podo

When you flip the Podo over and look at the back, you’re going to find a panel. This panel opens up and moves around. Here, you’ll discover an interesting micro-adhesive type of pad nesting with a magnet in the center. Personally, we’re not sure if the pad is micro-adhesive or not, but it seems that way – it’s kind of rubbery and sticks on stuff easily – it can stick on glass, walls and other smooth surfaces. It is possible to stick this to surfaces that are rougher, but it may fall off after a short period of time. From time to time, the stickiness of the pad may disappear, but don’t be alarmed, because all you have to do is wash it with water (wash the pad, not the camera) and it’ll start sticking to stuff again.

Stiff Ball Hinge

The ball hinge on the back panel is pretty stiff. In fact, you should be able to position the camera at any angle you desire, without worrying about it falling out of place.


On the Podo, you’ll see a ring of LED’s running around the camera, which we find pretty intriguing. When you turn the camera on, one of those LED’s will light up. This light shows you which direction is “up” for the camera. For a flash, the entire ring of LED’s can light up.


In order to use the Podo, a smartphone is required. You will also need to have the free app – Android or iOS. The Podo is capable of connecting to the phone through Bluetooth and the app will let you look at different features like choosing the ratio (it takes up to 8 megapixels), the aspect ratio and so on.

The App

The app will let you choose between photos, time-lapse and videos. All you have to do is adjust your settings accordingly and push the button on the screen. The app also offers a countdown timer, which comes in handy for taking photos without having your phone in view. Through the app, you can also turn the flash on and off, which we personally find quite handy. Before you take the photo, the app will also give you a preview, this way, you’re previewing the picture before you click the button. Mind you, the preview area is smaller than the actual photo size, but that’s okay.


Overall, we believe the Podo would be a great Christmas present for a teenager. The device is really cool, and most teens will think so too. The app could use some extra work, but it’s still fun to use and who knows, maybe in the future, the team will update the app with some software fixes.

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