Tivoli Audio model One Table Radio Review

It goes without saying, technology has a special way of making life seem better. For this reason, while you’re out and about looking for Christmas presents for all of your loved ones, we don’t think you should skip out on the tech category when buying for your grandparents. If you look close enough, you can find something that is useful and exciting for them. In this case, we have a special gift that we feel many grandpas would like and that’s the Tivoli Audio model one table radio.

If your grandparents enjoy listening to music, that doesn’t surprise us at all – music is something that makes the world go around and is a great mood lifter. Mind you, they may not listen to “your type” of music, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it just as much as you. Either way, we feel the Tivoli audio model one table radio would be a great upgrade.

It Offers Superior Sound

When you look at the radio, you probably wouldn’t expect something like that to offer superior sound. However, believe it or not, this tabletop radio is all about crisp, clear sound.

FM Tuner Tech

Along with amazing sound, it also has a state-of-the-art FM tuner tech that helps improve reception.

It is Easy to Use

When it comes to this radio, there’s nothing complicated about it. It is easy to use. It has one rotary dial to use in order to tune both AM and FM stations. The volume and tuner dials are built in a manner to make them easy to control and they are well designed for hands of all different sizes.

You Can Stream Audio Wirelessly

What we really like about the Model One would be the fact that it will let you stream audio wirelessly. That’s right, it has a Bluetooth receiver, which is something we expect to see in every radio built in this day and age …if it’s not Bluetooth, we’re not really interested in it.

Going Old School isn’t a Big Deal

If grandpa wants to go old school with his peripherals, that is perfectly fine. For this reason, there’s a stereo headphone output and an auxiliary input. This way, he can connect large-ear pad headphones or an iPod to it.

There’s Also a Record Output

Also, this system has a Record output so if he wanted to attach something like a cassette deck to it, he could. With this function, people can create their own mix-tapes.


Basically, what we have here is a radio that takes new age technology and combines it with old school functionality and for this reason, we believe it would make a great Christmas present for grandpa this year. You see, every time someone wants to listen to music through the Model One, they won’t have to dig out their audio cable due to the Bluetooth technology. However, there’s still an Auxiliary input along with Headphone and Record outputs, so grandpa doesn’t have to kiss the old school stuff “goodbye” for good.

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