Vintage Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

While we thought this suitcase turntable would make a great gift for grandpa, it would also be ideal for anyone who likes stylish retro designed gadgets or who is interested in playing vinyl music. Reading online reviews, a lot of folks also gifted this to their grandchildren so it would be suitable for all ages really.

The suitcase turntable comes in a wide range of stylish colors so there is plenty of choice from a plain black to a turquoise color to bright pink, there are seventeen to choose from.

Features, Pros and Cons

So lets look at the good and the bad with this budget turntable.

Portable – If you want to take your record player and some vinyl with you some-place then this is ideal. Its also great for using all over the house, just the suitcase up and use the handy carry handle to transport it. Because it is compact and portable it can easily be stored out of the way in a cupboard when not in use.

3 Speeds – Many of us remember 45 and 33 1/3 rmps but the older folks might still have some 78s that they want to dust off and play, this turntable has everyone covered.

Bluetooth – While some of the old folk won’t be that tech savvy, some newer vinyl aficionados will also appreciate that you can wirelessly stream music up to a distance of 33 feet.

Sound – As it is compact and portable the speakers are nothing special and the sound is more treble than bass but its fine for casual play. The music buff who spends hundreds or thousands on their hi-fi equipment isn’t going to be impressed but that’s not who this gift is meant for.

Spare Needle Included – This was a nice touch and useful once the first one wears out. You should be able to easily pick up further replacements online when needed.

Easy to use – you need zero technical knowledge to set this up and get it working. It should take about 5 minutes out of the box. The longest part will probably be searching around in the attic to find those long lost LPs!

Aux Jacks – The turntable comes with 2 jacks so that you can plug in headphones and also use some better quality speakers if preferred.


Vinyl has come back into fashion in recent years, nothing beats the smell and feel of vinyl, reading the sleeve notes and listening deeply to 12 songs rather than skipping over a playlist of thousands.

You can also pick cheap vinyl up at Good Will stores so youngsters can build up a collection of classic records cheaply and easily.

What you are getting here is a budget priced turntable that won’t win any prizes in the hi-fi magazines but is perfectly fine for transporting around or dusting off a few of the those LPs and 45s you have stored in the attic or garage and enjoying a bit of nostalgia. We think it would make a great nostalgic gift idea for older folks and the Bluetooth option brings it into the 21st Century for younger users.

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