Waboba Balls Review

Every Christmas, for some reason, we have a tendency to forget about those stockings we love to hang. Stockings are more than just decoration – you’re actually supposed to put stuff in them. Last Christmas, we purchased some stuff that was hard to stuff inside the stocking we had, and we know others have the same problem. With those thoughts in mind, we set out to develop a list just for stocking stuffers and that is what we’re doing today. For those of you looking for a fun stocking stuffer, we encourage you to take a look at Waboba Street Balls.

An Introduction to Waboba Balls

If you’re not familiar with Waboba balls, we believe a great way to familiarize yourself with them would be to first learn about the company behind them. For those of you that don’t already know, Waboba is an outdoor toy and sporting goods brand that is based in Sweden. They have offices in China, Guangzhou and even Atlanta, Georgia. They are the masterminds behind the traditional balls you can get that bounce on water – those balls were created in 2005. While the idea behind “the ball that bounces on water” was created in 2005, they have expanded to a wide array of land items and other accessories. In their advertisements, their slogan is “Keep Life Fun” and we can definitely agree with this slogan.

What Comes in the Package?

This bundle right here comes with a total of 4 identical street balls. Each one of the balls have distinct graffiti patterns on it. The balls measure around 2.25 inches. In order to make them so that they easily bounce, they are constructed from a rubber type of material that is semi-dense.

Who Would This Gift be Great for?

This gift would be great for both boys and girls. The recommended age on the package says 7+, so anyone that is above the age of 7 would be able to play with the balls. Trust us, this is the type of stocking stuffer kids and teens would enjoy, especially if they love playing outside.

The Waboba balls were made for those individuals that not only like to have fun outside, but are capable of using their imagination and creating their own game, challenge or contest.

Bouncing the Balls

We found that these balls dance great on the gym floor, street, park, concrete, asphalt and yes, even cement walls. Basically, wherever there is a hard surface, these balls will be able to bounce, so you can have an endless amount of fun with them.


All in all, we believe the Waboba street balls are super fun and they come from Waboba, which is a well known company that has been around since 2005. Waboba street balls are crazy, uncontrollable and exciting to play with and surely, anyone who receives them as a gift is going to have a whole lot of fun playing with them. The package is small enough, which makes them the perfect stocking stuffer for a medium size stocking.

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