Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi- Purpose Pocket Tool

Boys of all ages love gadgets and this credit card sized pocket tool will be a firm favorite with Dad, Grandad or a teenage son or nephew. With its affordable price it would make a great stocking filler. If you have a household full of men, get them one each so they don’t fight over it!

The tool is mad from four times heat treated stainless steel and it comes with a lifetime guarantee that it won’t bend, dull or rust. It is a sturdy tool and you would have trouble bending it,its extremely strong for a credit card sized tool.Unlike some of the thicker credit card tools available this one is just a little thicker than a credit card.

Amazon have the multi-tool available in black or camo but I believe that Wallet Ninja do have other color options.

The tool is TSA approved but remember that it up to the airlines discretion if they let you on a plane with it or not. You will almost certainly be asked to take it out of the wallet to be inspected.

What we also liked about the Wallet Ninja from reading online reviews was that the tool was actually being used – especially the bottle opener!

The various tool and uses include;

6 wrenches

4 screwdrivers

4 openers

2 rulers

Cell Phone Stand

There are mixed reviews on how well all these tools work, obviously a dedicated wrench or screwdriver would do a better job but are you going to be carrying all 18 tools around with you all the time?

Two of the screwdriver were especially singled out for being useful. They were the Phillips head screwdriver and a small one that is used for tiny screws such as on eyeglasses.

The 4 openers are a letter opener, bottle opener, box cutter/fruit peeler and a can opener. While the bottle opener got the most use, the letter opener got the most negative feedback from online reviewers. Many said that it didn’t slice the envelope but tore it so wasn’t that useful. The can opener works fine and would be ideal for backpacking or camping trips.

There are two rulers one on each side of the card tool, one is in centimetres and the other in inches. These could be a useful tool if you need to measure something quickly most of us don’t carry rulers around with us every day.

Getting the cell phone stand to do its job seemed to depend on the phone that was being held. Some users said it worked fine while others couldn’t get it to work.

Apart from the limitations of some of the functionality of the tool the only other negative was that the rough edges might tear the fabric of a wallet. Though this just seemed to be a concern and there were no mentions of this actually occurring.

For a very affordable and useful gadget and a great stocking filler this is ideal. Having all these tools available and handy in your wallet is pretty cool. There are similar tools on the market at a cheaper price but the wallet ninja is well reviewed and is one of the nicest looking in design. We feel sure that this will received as a welcome gift idea.


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