Windchime – Pacific Blue Bells of Paradise Chime

When you’re out buying Christmas presents for people in your life, don’t forget about your grandma – she deserves something as well. While she may not be into technology that is packed full of bells and whistles, this doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there she will enjoy. Today, after a large amount of research, we found something that we believe is suitable for a lot of grandma’s – a windchime. This isn’t your average windchime – this is a Woodstock Medium Pacific Blue Bells of Paradise chime.

Why Did we Pick this Chime?

We decided on this windchime, because after looking through many reviews, we read that the chimes resonate longer than many of the other chimes currently on the market. Every time the wind blows, the atmosphere will be filled with pure harmony. It tunes: C D, F, G, Bb and C.

Elegant Look

While the sound is definitely evocative, we cannot forget about the elegant look. You see, even when the wind isn’t blowing, this windchime will look stunning simply hanging in place.

It consists of a wind catcher and silver aluminum ring. There’s a total of six matte blue powered-coated aluminum tubes hanging from it. The chime itself measures 32 inches long.


What we find interesting about this windchime would be the fact that it vibrates at frequencies that are related to one another. It has whole-number ratios and for this reason, it is capable of producing the most beautiful sound on the block.

What Others are Saying

Whenever we write reviews, we like to look at Amazon and see what other people are saying about it. With this particular product, at the time of writing this review, there was a total of 35 reviews posted on Amazon. Surprisingly (or not surprising, since we know this is a good windchime), this product received a total of 4.9 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. There’s one reviewer that really stood out from the crowd for us – she stated that the wind chime was so beautiful and that this one and the large version of it are probably the best sounding chimes they have ever heard. They even claimed that they are better than the Space Oddyssey ones and they love the long resonance that they put out.

We tried to find something negative about this windchime, but at this time, the lowest rating this product received was 4 stars.


Woodstock chimes aren’t your average, every day on the block type of chimes. These chimes are known throughout the world for their superior quality, innovative design and beautiful sound. For this reason, we believe this Windchime would make the perfect gift for your grandma this Christmas. If you’re looking to combine windchimes together, we heard that these right here would be great combines with a high mellow chime (the Large Emperor Harm chime would go great with it). Every time the wind blows, thanks to this chime, beautiful sound will feel through the air and that will cause you to cross her mind.

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